A record at a record's heels

By Guido Trombetta on 7:54 AM , , , ,

Photo: Jacques Vapillon/DPPI pour Sodebo

We have already spoken about the Francis Joyon's attempt to beat the Ellen MacArthur record for a single-handed no stop world circumnavigation. Joyon is sailing really fast and in the Indian Ocean has got already one week advantage on MacArthur's 2005 timetable. But if Joyon's attempt will be crowned with success, its record risks to become one of the briefest in sailing history because another pretender has already started his attempt. I'm speaking about the french sailor Thomas Coville with his MaxiTrimaran "Sodeb'O" that started two days ago from La Trinitè sur mer. It's interesting that the godmother of this project is Ellen MacArthur, the same girl that beated old Joyon's record in 2005, that right now he is trying to take back on board of Idec II. An incredible plot in this story about world records. If you want to know everything about Coville and Sodeb'O attempt, including his constantly updated position, check the official site

Photo: Jacques Vapillon/DPPI pour Sodebo


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