Love in the coral reef

By Guido Trombetta on 3:58 PM , ,
Following with the celebrations for the 20th year of career of Roberto Rinaldi, he has made us a present of this video about some bizarre little fishes of the coral reef, very busy in their loving affairs....

But once again we prefer to leave the description of this little masterpiece to the words of Roberto Rinaldi:

"They are called “Ghost pipe fish” and are distant relatives of the Sea Horses.
Here is a female. She swim with the head down, her little snout towards the corals in the reef. With its mouth able to protrude outwards, She threatens little creatures living among the branches. The male is smaller, easily recognizable from the lack of the ventral fin which in the females works as a pouch. The male approaches her but she swims to the bottom. The female shakes the ventral fin. This way she can mantain the eggs oxygenated. It's in this moment that the male approaches and pushes his belly against the female's one. Emits his sperm close to the pouch, in order to be able to fertilize the eggs. The action is repeated over and over. To increase the chances of success, to increase the chances of having an abundant offspring that could insure the conservation of the specie. So these bizarre creatures will continue to swim among the corals of the indonesians seas."


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