The artist Henk Hofstra has created, in the town of Drachten, Holland, a quite unusual urban art installation called the "Blue Road".

It consists in 1000 metres of a street painted blue with the phrase "Water is Life" written in eight-metre-high letters across it, the Blue Road is reminiscent of the waterway that used to be where the road is now. Realizing this installation has needed 4000 litres of paint and 75,000 Euros.

To see more pictures and info read this Blog or the artist Site (in dutch)
Here in Seaway we love any kind of activies related to the water and often we also try to practicize them but there is something that really we don't think we could ever be able to do: walking on water! Nevertheless in United States there is a guy (whose name is Chris Angel) that actually does it! Is there a trick? I hope so.. but it's not so easy to spot...
Judge for yourself:

After the emotion of the birth of a brand new volcanic island we have here another amazing history of extremely rare and unexpected sea encounters. Michael Kanzler a fisher from Isla San Marco in Mexico was driving his boat home this Jamuary when suddenly spotted these two huge fishes swimming like sea-snakes on the surface of the sea

The long experienced fisher recognized them as a couple of "Oarfish" a rarely seen specie of fishes which lives in the deep of the ocean. Those "sea-monsters" are the longest bony fishes in the world, reaching the length of 11 metres and have the strange habit of lingering at the surface when sick or dying

He tried to push the fish back into water but everything was useless, the two Oarfish had defintely decided to find their death on the rocks.

You can find all the story and many other pictures in this Forum

Ernesto Bertarelli and Larry Ellison ©ACM/Stefano Gattini

Today Justice Cahn has quaked the America's Cup world stating the quite unexpected victory of the Golden Gate Yacht Club on the Societè Nautique de Genève declaring that the Club Nautico Espanol could not be accepted as Challenger of Records for the 33rd America's Cup. The future of the next edition of the most important sailing event is getting more and more uncertain...
Philippe Plisson, one of the most famous photographers (and lovers) of the sea will present his new exhibition "La Mer, Avenir de la Terre" in the "Salon Nautique 2007" which will take place in Paris from 1st to 9th of December.
You can meet Mr. Plisson in the stand J48 of Hall 1 and admire his wonderful masterpieces in the "Passerelle Renan" inside Hall1 and Hall 2.
If you love the sea don't miss this occasion to see its magic in the photographs of Philippe Plisson

Let's finish our trilogy about bizarre sea encounters with another surprising story.
Chad Campbell of Washington and Bo Warren of Virginia were out in the sea fishing when they suddenly found what they initially thought to be a seal but that instead revealed to be a poor deer trying desperately to keep afloat. Nobody can imagine how the deer could arrive in the middle of the sea 1,5 miles offshore!!

To read the whole story and see other pictures check this Forum.

Something similar happened also to Mr. Kai Hendry, a british programmer, that in the Andaman after the tsunami hired a banana boat and went snorkeling near Wandoor. He was admiring Manta Rays when he saw something quite unusual. Bambi!

©Kay Hendry

©Kay Hendry

©Kay Hendry

©Kay Hendry

Kai Hendry has made a beautiful Flickr Gallery where you can see all the pictures of this strange encounter.

Sometimes a funny picture could have a sad story behind, we don't know if this is the case but really hope this will never happen to your boats...

We've found the picture on H2uh0 one of the best blog related to the sea which is a never ending source of interesting contents.
Fredrik Fransson, skipper of the boat Maiken, and his crew had one of the most incredible and bizarre encounters a man could have in the ocean: a new born volcanic island rising just in front of their eyes. Here are some of his pictures of the event:

In the middle of the sea, they suddenly found a wide area of the sea surface entirely covered with floating stones.

They made their way through this amazing "golden carpet"

and finally find the the new volcano rising...

For more pictures of this incredible event and other adventures of the yacht Maiken read their Blog
Probably a lot of people does not know that the year we are living has been named "The Year of the Dolphin" by the United Nations, in order to try to spread the knowledge about the threats these wonderful creatures have to face increasingly: entanglement in fishing nets, marine pollution, prey depletion due to overfishing, deliberate hunting and disturbance from noise.
We should never forget that these animals are considered the more inteligent ones after human beings and that very often had been reported to have saved people from shark attacks. For that and for many other reasons we think they do deserve all the respect and efforts to save them.
We would like to partecipate to The Year of the Dolphin posting this incredible shot of a dolphin and a whale in a bizarre endangered species "embrace". This picture is part of a very web-famous collection of "25 Photographs taken at the exact right time".

we also would like to invite you to have a look to this initiative:


(AP Photo/Chile's Navy)

The MV Explorer cruise ship is sinking after it hit an unknown object in Antarctic waters, Friday, Nov. 23, 2007, 880 kilometers southeast of Ushuaia, the southernmost Argentine city and near the Southern Shetland Islands.

(Image map obtained via Google Earth®)

Luckily a new Titanic-like tragedy has been avoided and the more than 150 passengers and crew has been succesfully brought to lifeboats after the ship hit an object and began taking on water through a hole in the hull.

pic via The Sun (London)

For more up-to-date infos chek this Google News

© Jacques Vapillon

Italian skipper Giovanni Soldini has yesterday won the Transat Jacques Vabre race from Le Havre in France to Brazil crossing the finish line of Salvador de Bahia after more than 22 days of battles in the Atlantic Ocean.

The 1999 Around Alone winner and his co-skipper Pietro D'alì has brought his new "Telecom Italia" Class 40 boat to the arrival less than five hours before his closest rival, the duo of Domenic Vittet and Thierry Chabagny aboard the boat ATAO Audio system.

©ROLEX/Carlo Borlenghi

The ROLEX Middle Sea Race is one of the most famous and probably the most spectacular of mediterranean regattas. This wonderful race consists in a circumnavigation of Sicily with start and arrival in Malta, providing exceptional scenarios as a background for the sailing action that is never missing in this race. However the edition of this year, which is just ended, will be remembered as the most spectacular since many years thanks to the critical weather conditions that the sailors had to face: Winds up to 45 knots and even Tornados. Shipwrecks and emergency helicopter rescue has made this year's ROLEX Middle Sea Race an unforgettable event.

Here we have two pictures taken from REGATTANEWS, the official website of the event, where you can find many others amazing pictures of this regatta and of the other ROLEX sailing events. It deserves a deep look.

©ROLEX/Carlo Borlenghi

In our effort to continously present contents related to the water we couldn't lose the opportunity of showing something quite different from boats and sea creatures.. but still beautiful indeed. The top Brasilian model Giselle Bundchen had launched a new advertising campaign in order to promote her new line of sandals designed by herself: Ipanema G2B. The campaign has been named "Porque a terra è azul" (Because the earth is blue) and shares also an ecological message aimed at protecting the Xingù river from pollution. From that, the idea of creating a water dress on the perfect body of the model. Rumours are that the images needed six months of Photoshop post-processing in order to create the incredible effect. Well spent time in our opinion because the result is awesome, isn't it?

The great white shark, Carcharodon carcharias, also known as white pointer, white shark, or white death, is an exceptionally large lamniform shark found in coastal surface waters in all major oceans. Reaching lengths of about 6 metres (20 ft) and weighing up to 2,250 kilograms (5,000 lb), the great white shark is the world's largest known predatory fish and is able to jump outside of the water reaching the astonishing height of 4 metres up from the surface in order to catch its most favourite preys: the seals. Here, in the amazing glory of the Slow Motion we can see a pair of these jumps extracted from a BBC documentary called Planet Earth.

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