The clochard who wrote poems

By Guido Trombetta on 3:16 AM ,

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Bondi is the name of the most famous Sydney beach. As you could imagine living on the wonderful cliff that overlooks the beach enjoying everyday the amazing view is something that just richmen can afford. But there is an exception to this rule and its name is Jhiymy Mhyiles or Jhiymy Two Hats as he likes to call himself or "The Bondi Caveman" as all the rest refer to him. This unconventional resident arrived and discovered the Bondi Cliff during the 2000 Sidney Olympics. He decided to stay and built his camp. From that moment Jhiymy spend his days writing and reading poems, feeding seagulls and simply enjoying his millionaire panorama. Obviously the presence of the eccentric homeless is not well accepted by everybody. The local council tried to evict him earlier this year after a series of complaints from residents but backed down when publicity about his plight sparked widespread criticism. An online petition attracted hundreds of signatures supporting the squatter.
If you want to sign the petition to help Two Hats click here. To read the whole story click here. Finally, you could visit his official support site

Jhiymy Mhyiles feeding his seagull friends. "When I die, I'd like my body to be laid out on these cliffs so the birds can get one last feed off old Jhiymy," he says.

Jhiymy "two hats". Among the bric-a-brac strewn about his camp is a pirate flag flying defiantly on a pole as a symbol that he is not planning on going anywhere.

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