A desert full of water

By Guido Trombetta on 10:51 PM ,

Photo: © JA Galvez C, via this Brasil Travel Blog

Here we are, ready to speak about another natural wonder related to water, which in our opinion is not known and visited as it deserves. There is in the Northeastern part of Brasil, in the state of Maranhao a vast area which cover more than 1000 square kilometers (roughly the area of the Rhode Island). We are speaking about the Lençòis Maranhenses, one of the most bizarre landscapes in the world.
It is a desert of white sand dunes which despite abundant rain, supports almost no vegetation, and what makes it so astonishing is that this desert is actually full of water! Infact each one of these dunes is separated from the others by cool water lagoons like emeralds scattered on a white sheet.

Two pictures taken by the Pbase Gallery of Marcio Machado, which is full of great shots:

Another picture taken from this Flickr Gallery of Ricardo Mendoça Ferreira

The best thing you can do if you visit Lençòis Maranhenses is to fly over it. It's the only way to fully understand the dimensions of this amazing landscape

foto:Meireles Junior, source

This is a Nasa Satellite picture of a small part of the Lençòois region.

Photo: Nasa, via this Space.com Gallery

The last thing to say is that after having visited this world entirely made of Blue and White, you can find a lot more colour in the fishermans communities living on the borders of the region.

Photo: Irene Schmidt, via this Flickr Gallery


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