Pirate's Kidd ship found in the Caribbean

By Guido Trombetta on 11:32 AM , ,

A cannon of the Kidd's ship

Divers have discovered the 300-year-old remains of a ship once captained by the notorious British pirate Captain Kidd. Complete with cannons and anchors, the wreckage of the 400-ton "Quedagh Merchant"(later renamed by Captain Kidd "Adventure Galley") has lain untouched and undiscovered off the coast of Catalina Island in the Dominican Republic. For centuries treasure hunters have sought the ship, but it has now been stumbled across by a local scuba diver. William "Captain" Kidd (c. 1645 – May 23, 1701) was one of the most famous pirate of the history, originally a Scottish sailor, he has been remembered for his trial and execution for piracy after returning from a voyage to the Indian Ocean. Some modern historians deem his piratical reputation unjust, as there is evidence that Kidd acted only as a privateer. The archaeologists of Indiana University that are studying and taking care of the wreck think that having found the ship could be a proof that he was telling the truth and was not the fearsome buccaneer he gained repution of. To have more info click here and here

a classical illustration of Pirate Captain Kidd


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    https://seawayblog.blogspot.com/2007/12/pirates-kidd-ship-found-in-caribbean.html?showComment=1267377641115#c88582591753650393'> February 28, 2010 at 6:20 PM

    this ship is not the Adventure Galley but the Adventure Prize as the the gally was burned off of st mary's


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