Photo Rick Tomlinson

Kyoto and Bali
Two days ago was the 10th anniversary of the agreement of the Kyoto protocol, which objective was "stabilization of greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere at a level that would prevent dangerous anthropogenic interference with the climate system". In the meanwhile another major convention about climate changing is taking place in Bali. I do not want to go deep in what is concerned to this matter, I just want, instead, to highlight two of the warnings sent out by the scientists in Bali that more than others struck me.

The end of the Ice world
First: 2012 (and not 2040 as was announced just a few years before) is the deadline for the Arctic as we have known it. After that limit almost all the ice of the North polar cap will be melted.
Second: In just a few years, on the other pole of the world, Penguins will be doomed to extinction for the disappearance of their habitat and food.

Let speak the images
Now, I would like to show to all of you the fantastic pictures of two famous Photographers which perfectly show what we are going to lose forever if we will not be able to change direction from the self-destructive road we have turned into.

Photo Rick Tomlinson
Let's do something to save them!

The Photographers

Onne Van Der Wal is a Seaway Professional Photographer with more than 25 years of career. His passions are Sailboats and Traveling. To see his galleries and start an incredible tour with his pictures click here

Rick Tomlinson is a Seaway Professional Photographer specialized in regattas and travel. To see other amazing pictures of his journeys click here


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