Sea Shepherd rename its ship "Steve Irwin"

By Guido Trombetta on 9:53 PM ,

Paul Watson and Terri Irwin in front of the newly named Steve Irwin

Sea Shepherd, the famous society for the environmental defense has decided together with Terri Irwin to rename the boat, they use to fight against the whalers, "Steve Irwin", in memory of the unforgettable "Crocodile Hunter", recently and unexpectedly died, after a whole life spent for the defense and the study of animals.
"Whales have always been in Steve's heart and in 2006 he was investigating the possibility of joining the Sea Shepherd on part of its journey to defend these beautiful animals," Terri said.
It seems to me wonderful (I have to say i have always been a huge fan of Steve...) that the spirit of Steve could continue to fight to save animals. Kudos to the Sea Shepard!
Go to Sea Shepard official site and read the whole news. They deserve your support.

The unforgettable Crocodile Hunter


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