What to do if a shark jumps in your boat

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Gansbaai in South Africa is a well known whale-watching location, but most of all this fishing village is the World Capital of the Great White Shark, with Dyer Island presenting the best place in the World to discover, observe and dive with these elusive and wonderful animals. The chance of try the famous cage-diving to see sharks as close as possible is a thing that has made Gaansbaai a must for all the people looking for adrenalinic experiences. If you are not the right guy for such a strong kind of emotions you could always take part to one of the many boat tour that brings you to see white shark from a much safer position. This is what Thomas and Cornelia Clemens has done, but the adrenalinic experience and strong emotions have reached them directly on their boat! Believe it or not a white shark as jumped from the sea to their boat, remaining floundering very angry on the foredeck. This is something that not even in the movie "Jaws" by Steve Spielberg could be imagined! After a minute or so the unsought guest had finally managed to make is comeback to the sea leaving Mr and Mrs Clemens with the vacations video of their life! Above you can see 6 frames of this video.

Here you can see extracts from this video and interviews to the protagonists in a german television newscast

If you speak german check the Bild site to read the whole story and see the video without interruptions clicking here


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