The proof?

By Guido Trombetta on 9:50 PM , , , ,

Seawayblog is a blog about the sea and the water but in these last days it could have seemed to you an environmental anti-whaling magazine, it has not been a precise choice but not even it' a displease for me. Today for example I have already published two posts about this argument but now I really have to speak about it again because the picture above, supplied by the Australian Goverment is spreading rapidly around the world. This graphic picture shows two minke whales, probably a mother and a calf, while they were dragged on to the Yushin Maru 2, a Japanese whaling vessel, in the Southern Ocean.
For the Australian Goverment this is the proof that Japanese are conducting an “indiscriminate killing” rather than so-called scientific culling, which could be used in a potential legal challenge in an international court.
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