"Farr 40 Starting Line" Onne van der Waal

2007 said goodbye one month ago and it's just the moment in which all the Photo Contests make public the authors of the best pictures of last year. So, in the next posts I will publish many of these photos. The better way to start is with a picture of our friend Onne Van Der Wal that has been awarded in the PDN's World in Focus travel photo contest under the category "extreme exploration" with this picture entitled "Farr 40 Starting Line". Kudos to Onne, it's not so easy to bring sailing photography in the main photo contests.

Onne Van Der Wal is a Seaway Professional Photographer with more than 25 years of career. His passions are Sailboats and Traveling. To see his galleries and start an incredible tour with his pictures click here


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