This is one of that incredible stories you could just find only in Internet.
The other chance is to have a walk in Headington, a little town very close to Oxford, where on 9 August 1986 (yes that huge shark has been wedged in the roof for more than twenty years and it's still there!),over the house of Bill Heine landed that incredible 25 feet long fiberglass sculpture (you do not have believed it is a real shark, do you?!?). It was commisioned by Bille Hine himself and created by the sculptor John Buckley. As you could imagine the authorities immediately tried to legally compel Bill Heine to remove that "disturbing" (in their opinion) object, but more than twenty years after The Headington Shark is still there (and I'm so happy about that..) and has actually become the main tourist attraction of the town as you can easily attest reading Headington website where you can also read a comprehensive history of the Shark (click here)

The following are two different shots chosen from the many you can find on the web:

This is a rare image by neighbour June Whitehouse that shows the shark being lowered into the roof of 2 New High Street on 9 August 1986.

and finally, since crazy people are never alone here you can see a humbler emulator of Bill Heine who put on his roof a fiberglass jumping Marlin (and of course he had to pass through legal problems too..)


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