Sometimes even St.Bernard need to be rescued

By Guido Trombetta on 10:24 AM

(AP Photo/Billings Gazette, Casey Riffe)
Duke the St. Bernard

The big cute face here above is Duke, a St. Bernard, one of those huge dogs that are famous for being used since centuries to help rescuing people trapped under avalanches tipically on the Swiss Alps but nowadays everywhere they are needed. However Duke story is quite unusual because it has been the unwilling protagonist of the human chance to return the favour to these trusty and faithful dogs.
Infact Duke, 16-month-old and 118-pound, needed rescuers of its own after its tail was frozen to the ice on a golf course pond. Yes I repeat: its tail got stuck in the ice blocking him in that embarrassing (and dangerous position)

(AP Photo/Billings Gazette, Casey Riffe)
Duke is stuck to the ice with its frozen tail

It all happened in Billings, Montana, Duke apparently fell through the ice on a golf-course pond after escaping from his yard. He was able to pull himself out but ended up getting frozen to the ice with the tail.

A maintenance worker saw the dog and called for help. Two firefighters in dry suits pushed an ice rescue sled over about 10 feet of hip-deep water and 10 feet of ice to reach the shivering dog. The firefighters broke the ice around Duke's tail with a mallet before hauling the dog and a chunk of ice back to shore.

Luckiliy Duke feels better now, after being de-iced and warmed up under a blow dryer at a veterinary clinic.

(AP Photo/Billings Gazette, Casey Riffe)
Firefighters free dog's frozen tail