A daredevil beaver

By Guido Trombetta on 10:19 AM

This was the video-story of a daredevil beaver that had the insane idea to walk along a Canadian highway and even cross it in spite of the several vehicles that were passing by. To be sincere probably it's not the beaver that it's insane, but the human beings that have invaded its habitat and splitn it into hundreds of small pieces with a web of roads that force the animals to do that kind of things... but that's another issue.
The footage has been recorded by a Canadian man on Christmas Day on Highway 40, Quebec, near the Canadian border and the video above is a funny rendition where someone enjoyed himself transforming the protagonist in a talking beaver that welcome drivers entering Canada!

However the following are the original videos where you can watch the whole misadventure. The important thing is that in the end MrDaredevil Beaver safely managed to cross the road and enter the wood!