This is a series of pictures provided by Six Flags Discovery Kingdom showing a very uncommon but interesting encounter. It happened yesterday in Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo, California. Park staff were escorting Akaasha, a six-month-old female Bengal tiger on her daily walk around the park but when she noticed Mavrick, a 14-month-old Atlantic bottlenose dolphin swimming in a pool.

The young tiger and the dolphin appeared immediately mutually fascinated as they stared at each other through the glass. Mavrick cocked his head as Akaasha strained to get closer to the glass, perhaps bewildered as to why she could not catch the scent of this strange new creature grinning at her from another world. Those present describe the situation as absolutely amazing.

In the end Mavrick blew an approving bout of bubbles at Akaasha...
What I woudn't give to know what were going on in their minds!