Mother Earth

By Guido Trombetta on 10:09 AM ,

If you're in Rome or you're planning to go there this month there's an exhibition you should not lose. National Geographic Italia has organized Madre Terra ("Mother Earth" in italian) an exhibition of the best 101 photos from National Geographic phorographers to describe our beloved planet, edited by Guglielmo Pepe director of National Geographic Italia.
101 photos from 58 photographers:
William Albert Allard, James P. Blair, Sisse Brimberg, Jodi Cobb, Bill Curtsinger, David Doubilet, Nicole Duplaix, David Edwards, Peter Essick, John Eastcott and Yva Momatiuk, Melissa Farlow, Alessandro Gandolfi, Annie Griffith Belt, David Alan Harvey, Fritz Hoffman, Ralph Lee Hopkins, Chris Johns, Lynn Johnson, Ed Kashi, Mattias Klum,Tim Laman, Frans Lanting, Gerd Ludwig, Pascal Maitre, Steve McCurry, David McLain, Gideon Mendel, George F. Mobley, Albert Moldway, Michael Nichols, Paul Nicklen, Flip Nicklin, Alberto Novelli, Richard Olsenius, Randy Olson, Carsten Peter, Steve Raymer, Nicolas Reynard, Reza, Norbert Rosing, Susie Post Rust, Sandro Santioli, Joel Sartore, Brian J. Skerry, James L. Stanfield, George Steinmetz, Maria Stenzel, Brent Stirton, Paul Sutherland, Medford Taylor, Roy Toft, Tomasz Tomaszewski, Stefano Unterthiner, Gordon Wiltsie, Steve Winter, Cary Wolinsky, Michael S. Yamashita, Christian Ziegler.

From February 7th to 29th March at "Palazzo delle Esposizioni", Rome, Italy.
If you cannot be there you still can see all the pictures here.

The following is just a brief selection of 20 water-related pictures that I like:

All their images are copyrighted by National Geographic and their authors