A whole beach for canvas

By Guido Trombetta on 7:23 AM ,


Let's start from the author: Jim Denevan. Jim is an artist who have chosen not to put boundaries to his art. Basically he makes freehand drawings in the sand but these drawings take up to some square miles... and can appreciated just from a bird's eye view. At low tide on wide beaches Jim searches the shore for a wave tossed stick. After finding a good stick Jim started drawing his colossal works. You could find interesting that his whole art is absolutely transient: when the high tide comes again water moves over and through, leaving nothing of the many hours spent working.

Recently Jim Denevan made the world's largest freehand drawing on a dry lake in Nevada. How big is it? Three miles across. Jim walked for eight days, about 100 miles to draw the pattern...
You can see it in the following amazing pictures:

Absolutely big... isn't it? and it was transient just as the ones on the beaches: it was completely erased in a rainstorm week after he finished the work.

The following images are a selection of some of his works:

Visit JIMDENEVAN.COM for more info