The terrible moment when the bear attacked the woman

Nobody still knows the reasons why a woman jumped into polar bears enclosure at the Berlin zoo after having climbed down a fence, over a wide hedge full of thorns and got past a concrete wall.
Berlin Zoo's polar bear enclosure has became very famous in Germany mainly due to Knut, a cub that was hand-raised by a keeper and quickly became a star for german kids.
Knut is now an adult bear but the one that attacked the woman is an elder one.

What it's sure is that swimming towards a polar bear during feeding time is probably one of the most stupid thing a human being can do in his life...
Infact the 32-year-old woman has been immediately attacked by one of the four fully grown polar bears in the enclosure.

The bear kept on biting woman's pullover after she was rescued

Despite the efforts of six zookeepers to distract the four predators the bear bit the woman several times on her arms, legs and back before she could have been rescued.

The terrifying sequence of the desperate rescue attempts

The woman, who has not been identified, was taken to Berlin's Charite hospital for treatment, and after undergoing surgery to heal her wounds is now recovering.

Look at the video of the attack and the rescue: