Carl Warner's fishermen's village

By Guido Trombetta on 9:54 AM
I've already spoken about Carl Warner and his fabulous "Foodscapes", landscapes realized exclusively with food, in a previous post that I reccomend you to take a look at if you've never heard about it, you'll be amazed.

In the meanwhile Carl Warner have keep creating new amazing foodscapes like the following one that is certainly quite related to this blog!

©Carl Warner

The author have precised that only sustainable fish were used to create this sea-food-scape. Well done!
I'm particularly impressed by the sea itself, realized with fish, it's very realistic.
Enjoy yourself trying to spot and recognize all the "ingredients". I'm sure there are oysters, scallops and crabs in the foreground, mackerel and herrings for the sea itself, and pollock and sprats for the banks. Thyme stands in for trees, while the boat is a marrow. The best little detail? the olives as fender tyres on the side of the fishing boats!