A mysterious creature in the English Channel?

By Guido Trombetta on 4:00 PM

An unidentified creature in the english channel? visit AMR website for updated news

As you may know one of my favourite subjects as a blogger are stories related to the sea, the weirdest the better. Today however I'm going to set a new personal record with regard to weirdness.

I've been contacted by AMR (Association of Marine Research), an association created in 1901 aimed to promote a better understanding of deep-sea life, and, to make a long story short, they have provided me some incredible footage about a series of sightings that have recently occurred in the English Channel area.

Exceptional video footage of the Boulogne sighting

The first sightings started on 20th April 2009. A passenger departing from the port of Dover took the picture at the top of the post, but probably the best sighting has been made by a couple at the harbour of Boulougne-sur-mer, a nice french city near Calais. Thierry and Sophie, were enjoying a walk filming the boats sailing out of the harbour when Thierry spotted a large shape on the horizon. Being an amateur expert about the sea and marine life, he knew this was not simply the outline of a whale or any similar creature and was convinced that he had sighted some phenomenon as yet unseen by man. He decided to contact the AMR who are pursuing further investigations.

From that moment on AMR has collected a substantial number of testimonials from different areas. The strong similarities between the descriptions seem to confirm the existence of a ‘gigantic’ and extremely ‘fast-moving’ creature off english shores.
I'm sure many people will immediately think about an hoax (have you thought to Nessie.. haven't you?) but AMR has taken the whole thing pretty seriously (The AMR’s success in identifying this marine phenomenon is dependent upon the participation of the general public. As the first report came from Dover they have put in place a multimedia campaign calling for witnesses to come forward. This will include the distribution of flyers, radio, press and online communications.) and have even offered a reward as they stated in this note:
"We are calling for all witnesses of sightings of any strange phenomena in the English Channel to contact the AMR immediately via our website www.thechannelcreature.com. A reward is being offered for evidence leading directly to proof of this creature’s existence."

Visit AMR website for any further info. You'll find also an updated map with the sightings and the first hypothesis that scientists are making!