Surfing towed by a shark!

By Guido Trombetta on 5:32 PM
Two weeks ago this video has appeared in Youtube and immediately it started a war of comments if this is real or fake. Obviously it is fake!
The guy in the video is a famous surfer, Jamie O'Brien, and the whole thing is a clever advertising by Arnette, a famous sunglasses brand, for their new line "Notorious".

However even if it's fake, it's a funny and well made.

Other Pros from different extreme sports are involved in this "mysterious" ad campaign: The motoGP pilot Dani Pedrosa, the skateboarder Willy Santos, the snowboarder Antti Piirainen and another surfer: Roy Powers.
One week later the appearance of the video of the shark, with the same advertising tecnique based on the web buzz about the truth of a video in the youtube community, it has appeared another funny/incredible footage about a moto rider (Pedrosa), another week later a video about a Skateboarder (Santos). For sure in the next weeks we'll see the appearance of the video about Piirainen and Powers.
Here you can find the 3 videos already out and check for the others (you'll have to wait one week for each one)


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