solar lily pad
The lily pads are without any doubt the most effective and aesthetically satisfying solar panels you could ever find...

Scottish architecture firm ZM Architecture has come up with a way to deliver more renewable energy to Glasgow: solar panel lily pads. Yep, they want to populate the River Clyde with a series of gigantic solar islands that'll soak up the rays all day long, sending electricity to the grid while also acting as an aesthetically-pleasing attraction. Initially an entry in the International Design Awards "Land and Sea" competition where it took first prize, the Glasgow city council is now considering testing out a small run of the solar lily pads in the river.

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solar lily pad
solar lily pad


3 Response to 'Solar Lily Pads: imitating nature to match design with clean energy'

  1. jordan'> May 31, 2009 at 5:21 PM

    I need some of those for the frogs and salamanders in my backyard pond. i have fish too!


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