Beauty and the beak

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Beauty, the bald eagle
(AP Photo/Young Kwak)

After The incredible story of Pierre the penguin here we are again with another touching story of humans helping animals. This time, however, everything started from human wickedness:
The Bald Eagle you can see above has been named Beauty, she was found two years ago scrounging for food and slowly starving to death at a landfill in Alaska. Most of her curved upper beak had been shot away... she could not clutch or tear at food. She has great troubles even in drinking and cleaning her feathers.
Beauty was taken to a bird recovery center in Anchorage, where she was hand-fed for two years. Now a team of volunteers is working to keep her alive. Calvin, a mechanical engineer, offered to design an artificial beak. A dentist, veterinarian and other experts eventually volunteered to help.
Molds were made of the existing beak parts and scanned into a computer, so the bionic beak could be created as accurately as possible.

Beauty, the bald eagle
(AP Photo/Young Kwak)
Beauty, the bald eagle
(AP Photo/Young Kwak)
Biologist Jane Fink Cantwell feeds Beauty, a rescued Alaskan bald eagle, salmon using forceps

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