Part of my job is as a nautical photographer, therefore I'm quite used to huge motorboats with odd designs (among multimilionaires it seems that it's in force the law "bigger is better, huge and offbeat even better") but this "creature" from Schopfer Yachts set a new standard...!
It's name is "Oculus" and it seems to me that the design is quite inspired by fish, infact the stern clearly resembles a deep sea fish with the mouth open. Looking the prow instead makes me think to the big head of a sperm whale.. I don't know if having to buy a Giga-Yacht I would like to spend some millions for something that seems a fish, nevertheless it is really o-COOL-us.. and according to the aforementioned rule it is an hands down winner (and to tell the truth I'm still many millions dollars far from having many millions dollars to spend!)