This is a truly amazing story happened last August in Charlottesville, Virginia, which I've been looking forward to tell you for a long time.

After three days of storms and heavy rain in the area, two guys who were checking the filters of the swimming pools found these three bizarre charachters, clinging to each other to survive. The filters are terrible traps in this cases and they usually fill up with frogs, beetles, grasshoppers which are doomed to drown. Nevertheless these three decided not to die and in a moving, exceptional realized that surprising Totem Pole Turtle-Frog-Spider that eventually saved their life. All of them were exhausted from the effort when the guys found and save them from the pool filter and were reluctant to part ways after being rescued like if their bond, born from their struggle for life, woul be now too much stronger to be broken.
this is just a synthesis of this story that seems to me exceptionally beautiful and moving. The best things you can do now is to read the report directly from the words of the two protagonists o this story in their own blogs: