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Awesome. This is for sure one of the best picture I've seen in my life. Everything is perfect both in the shooting and in the post processing. The author is John Moran a photographer based in Florida who has a mind-blowing portfolio of nature photography. If you take a look to his images, and you really should, Florida will suddenly jump at the top of your dream vacations list. Believe me.

The Ichetucknee is the wonderful pristine river you see in the picture placidly flowing after the sunset. Mill Pond Spring is the name of the gushing pulse of water you can see lit by the moonbeams. The camera has captured the flashing trajectories of the fireflies giving the finishing touches to a dreamlike atmosphere.

This time I feel the 472 pixels width a limit as tight as never before. Therefore the best thing you can do is clicking the following link to see the picture on John Moran's own site in all his glory:
River of Dreams · Fireflies on the Ichetucknee

and then read the beautiful story behind the picture. Because Moran has written a nice page about it, full of poetry, which is also a fight for the preservation of the Ichetucknee river manaced by pollution and algae bloom.
This story is here:
The Evolution of a Photograph by John Moran

And of course do not forget to see John Moran's portfolio on his own website