The amazing foodscapes by Carl Warner

By Guido Trombetta on 10:36 AM ,
Foodscape by Carl Warner
© Carl Warner - A boat made of watermelon, peas, olives and asparagus plough trough a stormy seas made of radicchio salad

Today I want to tell you something about an Artist whose works are incredible to me, both in creativity and technical realization. The Idea behind his still life photographs is realizing landscape using just... food! Something like the famous paints by Giuseppe Arcimboldo, the XVI century painter famous for his portraits made of vegetables, but applied to the landscape.

Here as usual I just show you the "foodscapes" related to sea, water and snow which are the main themes of this blog, to see all the other foodscapes (and you REALLY should see it) visit his site:

The best thing of his picture are the details, so click the images to admire larger versions.

Foodscape by Carl Warner
© Carl Warner - A sea cave made of bread, carrots crabs and a lobster

Foodscape by Carl Warner
© Carl Warner - A sea cliff made of Parmigiano cheese, potatoes and cabbage

Foodscape by Carl Warner
© Carl Warner - A sunset by the sea realized with salmon slices, black bread, potatoes, beans and a pod of peas as a canoe

Foodscape by Carl Warner
© Carl Warner - A landscape made of bread and broccoli cabbage

Predictably many of his works had been used in food advertisings. Like the two mountain landscapes below, relized with ham, salami and other cold cuts which had been used for an ad campaign by the Italian brand Negroni:

Foodscape by Carl Warner
© Carl Warner -

Foodscape by Carl Warner
© Carl Warner

And finally Carl Warner himself interviewed in the "Richard & Judy" TV show on 14th January 2008:


Carl Warner's fishermen's village


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