Goodbye Captain Birdseye!

By Guido Trombetta on 7:46 PM , ,
captain birdseye

John Herer, the actor who starred as Captain Birdseye in the adverts for fish fingers for more than thirty years has died.
Captain Birdseye is the advertising mascot for the Birds Eye frozen food brand founded by Clarence Birdseye. Appearing in numerous television and billboard commercials, he has been played or modelled by various actors and is generally depicted as a clean living, older sailor with a white beard, dressed in merchant naval uniform and with a seafaring accent. In Germany he is known as "Käpt'n Iglo", in France as "Captain Iglo", in Portugal as "Capitão Iglo", in Italy as "Capitan Findus", In Spain as "Capitan Pescanova" and in The Netherlands as "Kapitein Iglo".
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captain birdseye


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