Frozen Soap Bubbles

By Guido Trombetta on 10:23 PM ,
Frozen Soap  Bubbles
Frozen Soap Bubble

Have you ever thought about freezing soap bubbles? Skipweasel did it and he not only managed to freeze them but also succeeded in taking pictures of these little wonders!
It was about -5°C and very still. He and his brothers had to blow the bubbles with a toy electric bubble blower (using breath made them too warm to freeze before they hit the ground) upwards enough that they have time to freeze on the way down.

Frozen Soap  Bubbles
The texture of the surface is amazing, like an incredibly fragile arabesque.

Frozen Soap  Bubbles
The moment of the freezing

The most amazing part is that he actually managed to catch the exact instant when one bubble explode:

Frozen Soap  Bubbles
A bubble exploding in glass-like fragments.. Weird! isn't it?

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