Water according to REUTERS

By Guido Trombetta on 5:13 PM

Reuters, the world main news photoagency, has recently published a photogallery called "Water World". Maybe they want to underline the fact that in two days it will be the World Water Day (22 march) or perhaps they simply realized that recently so many things related to water had happened (reading this blog it's an easy way to attest it), however they put together some of their best photos from the last 3-4 months creating a wonderful voyage in the world of water (which in my opinion could become a wonderful book). Here below I've posted a brief selection just to appetize you. To see the entire gallery visit the official gallery: Water World. I heartily recommend it.

All the pictures © REUTERS

The main characteristic of reportage pictures is that the images should speak for themselves, with no need of words, and in my opinion these Reuters pictures really do it so that I havn't included any caption. However if you're curious about what these pictures are about, read all the infos in the official gallery: Water World


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  1. Anonymous
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    Simply astonishing. Kudos to reuters.
    Thank you for posting it