Riddle: strange colourful texture

By Guido Trombetta on 11:13 AM , ,
Try to guess what's this image but don't scroll down the page if you don't want to spot the solution!
What are those colourful blotches?
Click the image to analyze better a larger version of the photo.

Believe me, it's not easy at all and the answer will be quite surprising...

Ok.. You still have no idea?
Let's try something easier zooming a little bit (click on the picture for the larger version):

Nothing? don't worry, you're not alone, no one of the people I've shown it, has hit it.
Let's proceed to the third picture zooming in again (the solution!):

Pretty amazing, isn't it? They are literally tens of thousands of king penguins herding their recently born young into giant huddles to stop them freezing to death.
The brown "furs" of the young creates those strange almost abstract textures:

These photo were taken from an helicopter in South Georgia, a British territory close to the Falklands. Read more


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