Lüderitz is a harbour town in south-west Namibia, lying on one of the least hospitable coasts in Africa. It is a port developed around Robert Harbour and Shark Island but most of all Lüderitz is home to the Lüderitz Speed Challenge, the only international sporting event held in the town. This is an annual month-long speed sailing event held in the last quarter of the year under the auspices of the International Sailing Federation (ISAF) World Sailing Speed Record Council (WSSRC).
Due to the particular wind conditions over there, always strong and regular, almost all the sailing speed record attempts are held in that part of Namibian Coast. The Luderitz Speed Challenge in particular is the benchmark speed event and yields world records every year. This year all the focus was on the kiters because with the improved trench, it was very likely that the outright sailing record held by the Hydroptere would have been reclaimed by one of them. And so it was! In an amazing escalation, record breaking after record breaking, for the first time in history a man propelled by the wind broke the wall of the 100 km/h. At the end of the event the new outright record holder is Rob Douglas who reached 55,65 knots (103km/h or 64mp/h) with 45knots of wind.
And it's not just a matter of speed and technical ability, it's mainly a  question of courage because these incredible athletes had to surf in a channel of very shallow waters just one meter, one meter and a half wide!!
Unbelievable. Enjoy the video of the record:

This is instead the video presentation of the event, in the aerial footage you can have a clear idea of how tight was the channel....:

Photo by Adrien Freville - www.byadrienfreville.fr
Rob Douglas breaking the world record with 55.65 knots.

Photo by Adrien Freville - www.byadrienfreville.fr
Sebastien Cattelan is the new record holder of France and Europe with 55.49 (1st to 55 knots).
He held the outright for 1 hour before Rob improved upon it.

Photo by Adrien Freville - www.byadrienfreville.fr
Charlotte Consorti did 48.5 on the display, followed 30 minutes later by Sophie Routboul with 48.64 speed.
Sophie could only do 2 runs as she has a broken hand.
Charlotte went back out later and did 50.43. The first lady over 50 knots !!!

For more info check the event website


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