The bubblesmith

By Guido Trombetta on 8:23 AM ,

Sterling Johnson is a "bubblesmith", better, he is The Bubblesmith!
According to his own website he is the only performer who specializes in blowing bubbles using only his hands.
His bubble blowing to entertain friends over 30 years ago has developed into a full stage show. Sterling is the only person to ever put a bubble inside a bubble inside a bubble on stage without any straws or tubes, and the first person to walk completely through a bubble film. To make it brief, speaking of bubblues he is the True Professional!
In the video above you can see an amazing public preformance at Stinson beach.
Here below there is the reversed and slow-motion version, maybe even more amazing!:

if you can't get enouugh you can see also the the "just reverse" and the "just slow-motion" versions!


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