Stop the global warming

By Guido Trombetta on 11:26 AM ,
stop global warming
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This is a beautiful and clever advertisement launched by World Wildlife Fund in Finland to create awareness regarding global warming and to urge people to step up their efforts to control it to evade any ecological imbalances. The advertisements are showing three species, penguin, seal and polar bear, which are immediately threatened due to global warming. These animals have been portrayed as homeless living on urban streets.

The text of the advertisement reads, ‘You can help. Stop global warming. Animals around the world are losing their habitats due to climate change. By turning off your TV, stereo and computer when not using them, you can help prevent this. Take action now.‘.

The campaign has rightly equated the position and condition of these endangered animals with homeless people of urban areas since both are facing the same problem.

Advertising Agency: EuroRSCG, Helsinki, Finland
Creative Director: Marcelo Coutinho
Art Director: Luiz Risi
Copywriter: Leena Yliportimo

stop global warming
stop global warming

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