The lonely penguin

By Guido Trombetta on 10:29 AM , ,
penguin, Photo by John B Weller ©2008 National Geographic
Photo by John B Weller ©2008 National Geographic

In the last month we've spoken many times about the poles and their critical envitomental situation due to the ice melting caused by the global warming.
This wonderful picture by John B Weller is a perfect chance to do it once again.

Not far from its Franklin Island colony, this lone Adelie punctuates the looping scrawl of penguin tracks across plates of Ross Sea pack ice. Some 2.7 million of the birds populate the Ross Sea region.
The Antarctic Summer has reduced the ice pack in a obstacle course like never before.

This image by John B Weller (©2008 National Geographic), and others can be seen in this month's issue of National Geographic Magazine, available on news stands now.


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