Giselle and the dress of water

By Guido Trombetta on 10:04 AM , ,

In our effort to continously present contents related to the water we couldn't lose the opportunity of showing something quite different from boats and sea creatures.. but still beautiful indeed. The top Brasilian model Giselle Bundchen had launched a new advertising campaign in order to promote her new line of sandals designed by herself: Ipanema G2B. The campaign has been named "Porque a terra è azul" (Because the earth is blue) and shares also an ecological message aimed at protecting the Xingù river from pollution. From that, the idea of creating a water dress on the perfect body of the model. Rumours are that the images needed six months of Photoshop post-processing in order to create the incredible effect. Well spent time in our opinion because the result is awesome, isn't it?


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