2007 The year of the dolphin!

By Guido Trombetta on 12:45 PM , ,
Probably a lot of people does not know that the year we are living has been named "The Year of the Dolphin" by the United Nations, in order to try to spread the knowledge about the threats these wonderful creatures have to face increasingly: entanglement in fishing nets, marine pollution, prey depletion due to overfishing, deliberate hunting and disturbance from noise.
We should never forget that these animals are considered the more inteligent ones after human beings and that very often had been reported to have saved people from shark attacks. For that and for many other reasons we think they do deserve all the respect and efforts to save them.
We would like to partecipate to The Year of the Dolphin posting this incredible shot of a dolphin and a whale in a bizarre endangered species "embrace". This picture is part of a very web-famous collection of "25 Photographs taken at the exact right time".

we also would like to invite you to have a look to this initiative:


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    wait a second, the dolphin and the whale in the picture, are playing in the sea, or the whale is trying to eat the dolphin? I'm so confuse!!!