Saving a black bear from drowning

By Guido Trombetta on 4:02 PM , ,
Adam Warwick saves a drowning bear
photos provided by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission

Just a few days ago I asked "Would you shove your arm into the mouth of an impaled shark?" telling you the story of a brave vet who actually did it in order to save the life of an unlucky gray nurse shark. The question of today should be "Would you jump into the sea to save a 175kg black bear from drowning???
Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission biologist Adam Warwick did it!
He saves the male black bear from drowning near Alligator Point, Fla. in the Gulf of Mexico, Saturday June 28, 2008. The bear had been wondering a residential neighborhood near Alligator Point when he was hit with a tranquilizer dart he unfortunately bolted into the ocean. Warwick jumped in to keep the bear from drowing and dragged him to shore. The bear has been relocated to Osceola National Forest near Lake City, Fla.
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Adam Warwick saves a drowning bear
Adam Warwick saves a drowning bear


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    wow. what a brave man. very heroic


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    That is the best image I have seen in quite a while. What a brave man.


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