Dramatic moments in North Atlantic

By Guido Trombetta on 10:31 PM

In this dramtic sequence Spanish fishing trawler Monte Galineiro sank 250 miles (402 km) east off the coast of St. John's, Newfoundland, February 22, 2009. Twenty-two crew members of the sinking vessel were rescued by the Canadian Coast guard ship Leonard G. Cowley in frigid, winter conditions. The shocked fishermen told that an explosion occurred in the Monte Galineiro's engine room and then in just a five minutes the vessel sank very fast. By an extraordinary stroke of luck, a Canadian coastguard patrol boat was just minutes away and managed to rescue all 22 men. Some didn't have life jackets on, and some jumped into the freezing water wearing regular clothes, one fisherman was wearing only underwear when he was rescued. One crewman had hypothermia and was treated on board. Another suffering from smoke inhalation was evacuated by helicopter to a hospital in St. John's, Newfoundland.
All is well that ends well.