This is the incredible story of Horatio a golden fish that has swum around the last five years with his white belly pointing upwards and his eyes staring down.
Owner Richard Gordon took over ownership of the Japanese coldwater fish six years ago from his grandson Christopher. After having him a year, the 63-year-old was bemused to find him floating on his back in his 12 inch wide glass tank.
The marine electrician said: "The first time I saw him I thought he was dead and I was going to flush him away.
"But I flicked the glass and he started swimming again.
Strangely, when I put food in he'll always swim up to it the right way round, he then swims back down again and rolls over and floats upside down once more.
"At first I was worried but he seems happy enough and is able to swim around just fine."
Fish expert Ian Marshall, 51, thought it most likely that Horatio had a problem with his swim bladder.
Maybe he just preferes backstroke than free style swimming? or he is just eccentric..


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  1. Anonymous'> January 21, 2009 at 9:50 PM

    I used to have a fish like this. Same breed too, or at least very similar.