The smallest surfers ever? mice!

By Guido Trombetta on 10:40 AM , , ,

Some times ago I posted a picture of a mouse riding a toad to surpass water but in Australia there are a bunch of mice that, thanks to their trainer Shane Willmott, has gone much further: they are the so called "Radical Rodents", Chopsticks, Curly, Harry and Bunsen are their name... and they love to Surf!!!

The Rodents' Official remote controlled powerboat...

Shane Willmott, the Radical Rodents Trainer!

The Radical Rodents are just becoming stars but a rival is already following their foorprints! I've found on the web this picture of a waterskiing chipmunk!

These are the two videos that has made the Radical Rodents so famous...

If you want to know more about the only surfing rodent in the world, while we are waiting for their webpage to be ready you could check the MySpace page of their trainer, Shane Willmott, where you can find a lot of other fantastic picture of the mice


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