©Carlo Borlenghi

Carlo Borlenghi had visited Giglio Island in order to give us his own view of the recent dramatic shipwreck that led the huge Costa Concordia cruise ship to crash against the rocks of the little island in front of Tuscany coast.

©Carlo Borlenghi

©Carlo Borlenghi

©Carlo Borlenghi

©Carlo Borlenghi

©Carlo Borlenghi

©Carlo Borlenghi

©Carlo Borlenghi

©Carlo Borlenghi

©Carlo Borlenghi

©Carlo Borlenghi

©Carlo Borlenghi

©Carlo Borlenghi

©Carlo Borlenghi

©Carlo Borlenghi

©Carlo Borlenghi

©Carlo Borlenghi

©Carlo Borlenghi

©Carlo Borlenghi

©Carlo Borlenghi

©Carlo Borlenghi

©Carlo Borlenghi

©Carlo Borlenghi

©Carlo Borlenghi

©Carlo Borlenghi

©Carlo Borlenghi

©Carlo Borlenghi

©Carlo Borlenghi

©Carlo Borlenghi

©Carlo Borlenghi


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