Some months ago in a funny post entitled "Four reasons not to bathe your cat" I published some amusing pictures clearly showing how little the felines like to be washed. Dogs seems to like it a little bit more or at least they are much more patient and willing to endure any kind of "torture" for their beloved owners.
Nevertheless, as a great animal lover, I'm quite puzzled if this so called "Dog-O-Matic" is a great idea that can ease the annoying operation of your washing your dog or it's just a "waterboarding" torture for animals... Undoubtedly the sad mug of the imprisoned fellow here above seems to opt clearly for the second hypothesis...

The "Dog-O-Matic", a laundromat-style dog washing machine that can wash your pooch in about a half hour, was designed by a French entrepreneur that insists that the animals don't suffer at all and he is currently planning to start a distribution in Great Britain after the great success that the prototype obtained in his hometown.

It costs the equivalent of £13 to wash a small dog, £22 for medium size, rising to £31 for the largest customers. Cats can also be washed at the small-dog price.

The washing takes half an hour but the biggest part is for the drying

Here is a video of the contraption in action: